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Here at SK Tack & Supply, we have an advantage over big chain brands and other smaller brands. We use feeds that are always fresh and they are formulated for this specific region for optimum nutrition.


The CFC Advantage

The "CFC Advantage" is using custom-formulated feeds produced here in Virginia to compensate for soil and forage deficiencies. Our region is known to be deficient in selenium, and low in copper and zinc, and this deficiency is balanced in our feed formulations. Having the correct mineral balance in your animals’ feeds will help maximize your animals’ potential.

All of CFC's feeds, including the Pace-Maker line of premium horse feeds, are manufactured fresh in their Safe Feed/Safe Food certified mill in Culpeper, VA. They use locally grown grains produced on farms right here in Virginia.

Made with strict quality standards

Pace-Maker Horse Feeds are certified Virginia’s Finest and produced in CFC's Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified Facility in Culpeper, Virginia. Many of the grains used in Pace-Maker horse feeds are sourced from trusted local farmers. The one exception is Pace-Maker Cool & Fit, which is manufactured for CFC Farm & Home by Kalmbach, due to the need for specialized equipment. The Kalmbach equine feed facility in Ohio is Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Certified, and free of ionophores. These certifications go beyond FDA requirements to ensure safe high quality feeds.

Developed specifically to complement our region’s soil and forage

Our region’s soil and forage are deficient or low in selenium, copper and other trace minerals. We are proud to provide you with a line of feeds created to balance nutritional shortfalls prevalent in local forages.


CFC Farm & Home Center teams with Kalmbach to produce Pace-Maker Horse Feeds. Kalmbach’s on-staff PhD Equine Nutritionists provide assistance with formulation and research and development of products. Kalmbach oversees the production of the vitamin and mineral pre-mix for Pace-Maker Horse Feeds. Decades of experience and knowledge go into every bag of Pace-Maker Horse Feed.

Tribute Equine Nutrition

Tribute® feeds are designed and approved by Ph.D. Equine nutritionists with decades of experience and knowledge developing state-of-the-art, innovative equine diets.

Tribute Equine Nutrition horse feeds are fixed formula products based on the latest research and are manufactured under strict quality control standards. Tribute offers competitively priced products designed specifically for your horse(s), whether backyard, broodmare, stallion, young and growing or performance horse, from show ring to elite race horse.