County Continental Dressage Saddle 16.5"

  • $ 250.00
  • Save $ 100

  • Saddle is in beautiful condition!
  • High quality dressage saddle by County Saddlery.
  • Made in England
  • 16.5" Seat
  • Spring Tree
  • No. 3 Fit (medium wide tree)
  • Price reduced! Was $350, now $250!
  • Serial# 85052404
  • Consignment #1002-002

**Q: What's a "spring" tree? How does it differ from other saddle trees?

A: Spring trees are constructed from laminated wood (often beech or birch) and reinforced with spring steel bars (hence the term, "spring" tree). The spring steel bars reinforce the tree and so that the wood in the tree can be thinner, making it lighter and more flexible. Rigid trees, which are common in polo saddles and some of the less expensive Indian-made saddles, are all wood; they're heavier and don't have the flex a spring tree offers. Injection molded trees are made of plastic and, since they're made in a mold, they all tend to be exactly alike (though British-made spring trees have to be correct within a 2 mm. -- approximately 1/16" -- tolerance, and that's pretty darn accurate). Injection-molded trees can be flexible or rigid, depending on the material, and are pretty light-weight. Because they're easier to produce than spring trees, they're also less expensive. And just to clear up one common misconception regarding spring trees: while they can be adjusted about 2 cm. (roughly one tree width) wider or narrower by a saddler with the proper press, they do not automatically adjust to your horse's back.**

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