Bare Bites Dog Treats 6oz. - SK Tack & Supply

Bare Bites Dog Treats 6oz.

  • $ 10.99

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple! These are personal favorites of the SK Tack & Supply dogs!

Bare Bites are made with only one ingredient – 100% all natural beef liver. Thin treats with a nice snap make Bare Bites perfect for an everyday reward, training treat, and ideal “ring bait” (for our fancy show dog friends).

Many people ask, “What do you put in your liver?” and our answer shocks them. The only thing we add to our liver is a little bit of love!

No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives… just liver… plain and simple… and it works! Go ahead – try it – and tell us you don’t agree… we triple dog dare you.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Dehydrated Beef Liver

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