JP Korsteel Thin Jointed Large Dee Snaffle 5" Mouth - Quality Stainless Steel

  • $ 22.49

JP Korsteel Thin Jointed Racing Dee Snaffle 5"
This high quality bit has attractive dee rings and comfortable curved bars.

  • The unique curved shape of the mouthpiece offers many advantages
  • Eliminates the "nutcracker" tongue-pinching action of conventional bits
  • Encourages relaxation and salivation
  • Large dee rings allow for more effective communication between horse and rider
  • Fine hand-polished stainless steel
  • Excellent for all training and riding needs
  • 5" Mouth
  • Korsteel products are proven performers for all levels of training and competition. Korsteel uses the highest quality materials to craft their bits, spurs, stirrup irons etc.
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